How (Almost) Anything is Made: “The Making”


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If you’re into watching videos about how things are made, I think I might have just found a goldmine for you.


The Making

The making” is a Japanese TV show with more than 300 silent episodes of 15 minutes each; going through an abundance of objects and products. The entirety of the videos has been made available on Youtube.

Playlists :

Part I

Part II

The Horrors:

I’m an avid fan of “How It’s Made” videos or articles. Yet so many of the processes can be quite horrific, here are some examples:

  • Many types of figs are pollinated by having a wasp fly inside them and die. Source.
  • Head Cheese is just meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig. Source.

  • The process of making kittens is an eldritch horror devised by a wrathful deity. Explanation.

  • A bill being made into a law in the US. Video.

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