PeerTube, the “Decentralized YouTube”, succeeds in crowdfunding


It is done. With 53,100 euros collected in forty-two days, the PeerTube project originating in France blows through its initial goal. The principle is intriguing: a fully decentralized version of YouTube , whose computer code is freely accessible and editable, and where videos are shared between users without relying on a central system. Online since March 2018 in a beta version, the project should definitely take off by October, based on the money raised.

At the origin of PeerTube is the French association Framasoft , one of the main associations advocating for the development of free software in Europe. With its strategy of development and centralization, Google, which owns YouTube, quickly became a symbol in the fight orchestrated by Framasoft – which launched four years ago a campaign called “De-google-ify Internet” .

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