Anointed and Annotated, A poem.

By this point, you must be looking
for God not the downcast↓ figurehead only
flecks of glitch and pixel dust
off a silicon bust half-bull half-console


today I took a visit to the only
real place left and every last bench
was packed with peoples I mean this
literally the whole place


peopled I didn’t stay long
I was worried about bending
a datum I touched my eyes lightly
to each form and when I left
“It took the herd six hours to build it,”
the Blue Planet voiceover explained


the place I believed a bit less
in God the strangest thing was
I never shivered I knew everything
was uploading↑ the whole time.


The Experimental Video Art of Peggy Ahwesh

Peggy Ahwesh

Like many contemporary artists, Peggy Ahwesh incorporates a critical dimension of art and media into her work, a personal reading of psychoanalysis and feminist theories, as well as a penchant for deconstructing and disorder. She has always practiced the art of hybridization: through films and videos both disruptive and entertaining, she mixes the personal and the theaterical, the profane and the human. By asking questions about gender, language and representation, Ahwesh integrates various mediums (Super 8, 16mm, Pixel-vision), eclectic genres (documentaries, theater pieces, sequences), and cultural references to all sorts of things all while rejecting the rules of classic narrative. The scripts of her films and videos (which, moreover, voluntarily display the quality of amateur films taken over by the Dogme brethren) are as disjointed and chaotic as real life. I leave you with a selection from her work:

From Romance To Ritual

Seen from above, a very ebullient woman digs and scratches at the earth to give us a show-and-tell tale of the megalithic site at Avebury. A bit tongue in cheek, like playing around in the most prehistoric of sandboxes that is a backyard, but not far from the truth in its reading of the erasure of matriarchial societies from traditional histories.

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