Awesome Developer Streams: Curated Live Programming

Live Coding
– Eggsackley

There is no better additive to the streaming craze than a developer going live. However, they are not necessarily easy to find. Fortunately, many of them are listed on the  Awesome Developer Streams github, which aggregates developers by specialty, ranging from NodeJS via IoT all the way to C ++ or reverse engineering.


  • Suz Hinton – streaming: IoT, Web Development, Hardware Hacking, 3D Printing, Node.js, JavaScript
  • Feross Aboukhadijeh – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Frameworks, Developer Tooling, Web Development
  • Thorsten Lorenz – streaming: Node.js, Module Development, Developer Tooling, Web Development, JavaScript
  • Amorelandra – streaming: Twitch Extension Development, IRL, JavaScript
  • Shirley Wu – streaming: Data Visualisation (DataViz), JavaScript, React
  • Sean Larkin – streaming: Webpack, OSS, JavaScript, Gaming
  • Kent C. Dodds – streaming: JavaScript, React, Web Development, Open Source, Node.js
  • Kyle Shevlin – streaming: React, JavaScript, Functional Programming, Web Development
  • Brian Clark – streaming: Node.js, JavaScript, IoT, Web Development, Swift
  • Yosh – streaming: OSS maintenance, Tooling Development, JavaScript, Node.js, Choo
  • Micah Elizabeth Scott – streaming: Reverse Engineering, Rust, C++, Hardware
  • Russell Hay – streaming: Rust, Functional Programming, Hardware, Generative Art
  • Collin Henderson – streaming: JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, Vue.js
  • Tim Ermilov – streaming: OSS, building things with JavaScript, React
  • Nicholas Brochu – streaming: Python, Serpent.AI Framework Dev, Machine Learning, AI, Computer Vision
  • Tierney Cyren – streaming: Node.js, Node.js Community Committee, JavaScript, Maintaining OSS Projects
  • Erik Guzman – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, ReactJS, React Native, APIs, Web Development
  • Gary Kramlich – streaming: Pidgin Development, Convey Development, OSS Development, C, Golang, Python, JavaScript, Docker, Containers
  • Thomas Soerensen – streaming: Golang, PHP (Laravel), JavaScript
  • Sallar Kaboli – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Electron, React, OSS Projects, APIs
  • Pavithra Kodmad – streaming: JavaScript, CSS, Open Source Stuff
  • Mattias Petter Johansson – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Programming in general
  • HardlyDifficult – streaming: Game Development (Unity3D, C#), C# Programming, Cryptocurrency
  • RadicalFishGames – streaming: Game Development (JavaScript, WebGL) (Game: CrossCode)
  • Daniel Shiffman – streaming: JavaScript, Processing, P5.js, WebGL, Machine Learning, Algorithms
  • Casey Muratori – streaming: C, C++, Game Development, Algorithms
  • Ferris – streaming: Emulator Development, Demoscene Tools, Hardware Hacking, Rust, C, C++
  • Jeff Fritz – streaming: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, OSS and Pair Programming
  • Jessica Mak – streaming: C++, OpenGL, Game Development
  • Shinmera – streaming:: Game Development, Common Lisp
  • Swizec Teller – streaming: JavaScript, React, D3
  • Sergio Cinos – streaming: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Full stack development
  • Ragnar Thor – streaming: JavaScript, React, Web Development, Open Source, Node.js
  • Alexander Simovic – streaming: Serverless, Node.js, JavaScript, Claudia.js, Chat bots, Web Development, OSS
  • Adam13531 – streaming: Node.js, JavaScript, React, PixiJS, Full Stack Development, Game Development
  • Luke Gorrie – streaming: C, Lua, RaptorJIT, R, Nix, Network drivers
  • Josh Hawkins – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Rust, Python, OSS Projects, Gaming
  • DrunkDevs – streaming: Game Development, Game Maker: Studio, Aseprite
  • Syanoks – streaming: Operating System Development, C, Assembly, Shell, Python
  • Antonio Maiorano – streaming: Emulator Development, C++
  • Brian McKenna – streaming: Haskell, Functional Programming
  • Jack Mott – streaming: Teaching Programming, Gamedev, Golang, SDL2, OpenGL
  • Joe Bew – streaming: Practices of computer programming, Clean Code, TDD, Refactoring, Open Source projects
  • Mike Conley – streaming: Firefox Development, JavaScript, C++, CSS, Rust
  • Gwen Frey – streaming: Game Development, Unreal Blueprint, Animation
  • Jonathan Blow – streaming: Programming, Gamedev, Jai, C++, OpenGL
  • Sébastien Rancoud – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Unreal Engine, Unity, APIs, Web Development
  • Jen Tong – streaming: Python, JavaScript, NodeBots, Astronomy
  • CaptainKraft – streaming: C, C++, Rust
  • iDevelopThings – streaming: PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Full stack development, Web Development
  • DevChatter – streaming: C#, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Pair Programming
  • nmarulo – streaming: JAVA, PHP, C#, JavaScript, Web development, MySQL, Bootstrap CSS
  • Randall Hunt – streaming: AWS, Web Development, Hardware Hacking, Python, Serverless, AI
  • Keraf – streaming: JavaScript, C#, Node.js, .NET Core, React, Web Development, Browser Extension Dev
  • btor – streaming: PHP (Symfony), Javascript, Java (Swing), Python … Language: FRA,ENG
  • KensoDev – streaming: Advanced Devops – Python, Terraform, React
  • SirLynixVanFrietjes – streaming: C++, Lua, Game Development (in french)
  • Jochen Lillich – streaming: Ruby, Chef, DevOps, Docker, Kontena
  • Robin Pokorny – streaming: JavaScript, Functional Programming, Node.js
  • Gynvael Coldwind – streaming: Software development, Python, C, C++, ASM, Reverse engineering, Hacking, Security
  • Simeon Vincent – streaming: JavaScript, CSS, Web Development, Twitch extensions
  • Jesse Weigel – streaming: React, Node.js, CSS, Next.js, WordPress
  • Sebastian Krzyżanowski – streaming: JavaScript, React, Redux + redux-saga, Firebase, Node.js
  • Ian Lovett – streaming: JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Express, ElasticSearch, CryptoCurrency Apps, Gaming
  • Rúben Gomes – streaming: Node.js, JavaScript, Vue, ES6/ES7, Full Stack Development
  • Per Vognsen – streaming: Software/Hardware low-level development, C, Python, Ion


Justin Hall Overshare

The New York Times Magazine once decided that the first blog to appear on the internet was where Justin Hall, at the time a student, kept links that seemed interesting to him. started in 1994 and is still active to this day Justin Hall narrates his life, his meetings and we can see witness him the evolution of the web and the speed at which it expanded.

At that time, a blog was called a “Personal Web Page”, it is not until 1997 that the term weblog appeared on the site Robot Wisdom.

Hall has made a documentary about his time online, overshare: the story.


“Starting in 1994, my personal web site Justin’s Links from the Underground has documented family secrets, romantic relationships, and my experiments with sex and drugs.”

“overshare: the story is a documentary about fumbling to foster intimacy between strangers online. “


SFR has one of the most amazing mailing list archives of West Coast “early Internet/rave” culture in the US – going back to 1992.

To anyone who is deeply interested in the history of this scene, its philosophies, and the kinds of people involved – I’d say this is a must read