Dominions 5: Total War’s Ugly-Savant Little Sibling

Dominions is Total War’s unsung little brother. We could stick a 4X label on it, but it’s really a turn-based strategy game. 4X elements are present but secondary. It’s a game at least as good as it is ugly, and by God it is ugly.

A great battle between a nation inspired by the Roman Empire and another mixing Hebrew and Inca inspirations.

The war for apotheosis

In Dominions, we embody a pretender to the throne of the gods, just that. Pantocrator, the supreme being who ruled the world since time immemorial suddenly disappeared. It is an opportunity for all secondary divinities to try their luck to become the new undisputed master of the world. Whether you are a powerful prisoner of a statue, a dragon, a titan, or a “mere” mage, you take the lead of a nation that worships you loyally to establish your supremacy.

The various nations proposed (86+) and their potential gods are all more or less directly inspired by real mythologies (Greek, Sumerian, Irish, Aztec, Japanese, etc.) or fictitious ones (Lovecraftian, among others) and offer incredibly diverse gameplay and background possibilities. Much of the time saved by the two co-developers by perusing rudimentary graphics has clearly been invested in writing detailed descriptions  for each peoples, god, unity, magical object and ‘fate’ that are appreciated for their immersive power.

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