« Santiago, Italia »

Santiago, Italia

“Santiago, Italia”, as its author likes to repeat, is a “bella storia italiana”. The film’s revolves story around the exemplary role of some young diplomats of the Italian embassy in Santiago, Chile, during the coup led by General Pinochet in September 1973. Some six hundred opponents -fleeing the bloody dictatorship of which the democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende will be one of the first victims- find refuge behind the walls of the embassy, where community life is established at short notice before these men and women are finally welcomed in Italy.

The man who relays this story is the filmmaker Nanni Moretti, a director who rarely ventures into documentary-making. It was necessary for him that this story -as he knew all Italians of his age stood in solidarity with the struggle of the Chilean people- be remembered by a third party. He embarks on this unusual adventure to meet this third party in hazardous conditions as the Italian political situation, turning to a partly fascistic right, attains to the very subject of the film.

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